There are certain nuances of which only a specialist adviser will be aware, in your relationship with your Principal, patient and NHS. And of course calculation of the tax is really only the start. It’s the tax saving advice and ongoing organisation of your affairs to minimise your tax exposure in the long term which changes what you pay to your accountant from being just a cost to being a good investment.

If or when it comes to buying a practice, we have the knowledge and the contacts to find the most suitable practice, assessing the viability and cultural fit for what you are trying to achieve.

‘Best Value’ is a buying concept which applies to many expenses; your phone, your Indemnity insurance, your car. The biggest annual business expense you have as an associate is … tax. Apply the same principle. Cost against benefit. Best Value. Buying professional services purely on price is the same as buying dental work purely on price. Not advisable.

Register with us and be guaranteed that your affairs are being dealt with from Day 1. We are with you each step of the way through your career.

  • Tax minimised
  • Superannuation correct
  • Tax projected up front
  • No hidden costs
  • Practice purchase ready